You Have the right to Choose who fixes your auto glass

auto glass westland, michiganInsurance companies often have a special name and phone number for their auto glass claims programs, but seldom do they mention that the claim is actually being handled by an Auto Glass Network. Most of the networks are telephone call centers owned and operated by large retail auto glass replacement companies.

When you call an 800 number for your claim, the phone representative will identify themselves with the name of the insurance company. Often the person answering the phone is an employee of the insurance billing network call center. The network employee determines who they want to do the job. If your claim is large, or more expensive with good profit potential, they will try to "steer" the job to one of their own company stores. If it is a smaller claim with lower profit potential, they will send the job to one of the low price glass shops in the area. Job steering is not only unethical, but also becoming illegal. Presently, there are lawsuits pending throughout the country seeking to ban job steering.

If you experience a phone representative trying to "steer" you to a particular glass shop, JUST SAY NO! Under law you have the right to choose what auto glass shop you want. Don’t be fooled or tricked into allowing just any glass shop handle your glass needs.┬áMake sure you insist on the best - insist on Glass Unlimited!