we replace foggy insulated glass units

auto glass westland, michiganMost people don’t realize that when a window gets foggy the entire window does not need to be replaced - only the glass does. The “foggy” appearance is due to a failure in the window seal or the glass has been broken or cracked. The fog can be removed by replacing the glass, without replacing the entire window. Glass repair is a much easier task than replacing the entire window and it is a much cheaper alternative. When Glass Unlimited replaces the window glass, we repair the window, remove the fog (moisture), and extend the life of the windows for many years to come.

Window glass replacement is easy and far less expensive than full window replacement. Glass replacement replaces the window glass while leaving your window frames intact.  This way your home's window frames all continue to match.

We offer window glass replacement for:

  • Broken and Cracked Windows
  • Tempered Glass such as Glass Doors and Bathroom Windows
  • Aluminum-Framed Windows
  • Vinyl-Framed Windows
  • Wood-Framed Windows

advantages of Glass Replacement

  • Cheaper than window replacement
  • Instant results
  • Can be done to any type of window
  • You can upgrade to low-E, Argon, grids, tempered glass, or designer glass